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“I’ve been open in the flat for four years.”
“Injuries happen, unfortunately to him it seems like more often than not.”
Santana Moss explains the importance of preseason games.
“Your two best players on your defense are supposed to be your outside linebackers. And that’s why we drafted another one. And they’re supposed to get to the quarterback, so, let them do what they do best. That’s rush. We’ll drop them once and a while, but it won’t be like we’ve done in the past. We’ll give them more freeway to rush and come underneath—just trying to take advantage of what they do best.”
“Some rookies are basketcases. Some are calm, cool and collected. Grant looks like he’s been here 10 years. Murphy is a true pro.”
“I don’t think there’s any question: (Griffin) looks explosive. He looks like he is exactly what he was in the 2012 season.”
“What I think is going to help us most this year is that everybody in that building is going to be for us being successful and for us winning. There are no ulterior motives.”